Upgrades To The Tacoma

When thinking about possible upgrades to my vehicle, I wanted to make sure I was prepared for all the weight I was going to put onto it. 

The first thing to do after researching all of this, was to get some more qualified opinions. So I joined the Facebook Group - Four Wheel Camper Owners.

Its a no-brainer to join this group of Four-Wheel brand camper enthusiasts. You may need to finally join Facebook just to take advantage of the wealth of information and great folks that are on this group.

So you don't like Facebook? They are going to steal all your information? Listen, I do know a lot about computers, and about Facebook. Yes, you should know that whatever you do online is for the world to know. That can be pretty intimidating I suppose. But whoever they are, they can't have what you don't post. Always remember that at the very least.

The second thing to do was not be one of those guys that asks questions that have already been asked before.

After you join the group and before asking any questions, hit the search box on the left of the Facebook Group page and start punching in what you're looking for.

You will instantly get the previously listed posts and questions answered from anyone asking the same question before.

All kinds of folks have upgraded the suspension, the shocks, etc. I knew a LOT more about my Volkswagen's than I do these fancy new trucks. I had originally decided to not over think it, and take the advice of many on the forum who do no upgrades at all. But after thinking it over, I decided to spend now and cry later. 

Yes, of course I would love to be one of these guys....

However; I will wait until I hit the lottery to go off road with the big boys. So since I needed tires anyway, I went with:

  • BFG (BF Goodrich) KO2 E Rated tires 
  • Ride Rite Airbags

I don't really know what all that shit even means, but the essence of what I read online is, you want E-rated All Terrain tires to handle the load and the rocks, and airbags to raise the load back up to even when you drop all that weight onto the back of the truck.

The suspension upgrade is a kit recommended by the folks at Mainline Overland in Bow, NH. Since I'm not a gear guy, I just let them tell me what to get and had them stick it in there as well. Here is what it looks like:

Yea Baby

I know there will be a lot of folks saying to do this or that, but this is what I did. Just as I have done with everything my whole life, I will learn as I go.

--- UPDATE ---

This thing rides amazing with the new suspension, I can hardly tell the camper is even on the truck, that's what I was hoping for!